Tango couple in silhouette"Milonga" is the Argentine word for social dance party, where tango music is played and dancers congregate to dance and socialize.

All Milonga dance floors follow a counter clockwise rotation which we refer to as the 'line of dance'. Some floorcraft skills are required to navigate around other dancers while keeping with the line of dance.

In general, we adhere to Argentine milonga etiquette which supports traditional chivalrous behavior - gentlemen ask ladies to dance.  The first contact is a 'cabeceo' which translates to small head movement with eye contact.  Accept the invitation and the 'contract' for a 'tanda' begins.

A 'tanda' is a musical set, usually 3 tunes of similar tempo.  It is polite to dance with one partner for a tanda and thank them when the 'cortina' (curtain) is played.  Gentlemen are not obliged to escort the lady back to her seat but it is a personal courtesy call.

TESO Spectaular

Spectacular Spotlight Milonga - Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Special Program in the Grand Ballroom at Dance Boulevard

Jorge & ChinoSpotlights, Showcase, & Performances!

Dancing into the wee hours!

9:00 Milonga begins

circa 10:30pm TESO Showcase

circa 11:00pm Performances

Back to dancing until the energy subsides 1am? 2am?

After a full day of workshops, TESO participants will Showcase their dancing before a panel of Judges

TESO = Technique, Elegance, Style & Originality

TESO Judges:  Jorge Torres, Diego Lanau and Negracha Lanau

TESO Contestants will receive a brief public evaluation from the judges and further evaluation privately

Performances:Negracha & Diego

Negracha & Diego Lanau

and Grande Finale Performance by

Jorge Torres & Chino Hara

Faline and Tao will need babysitters during the performance
please let us know if you are willing and available!

Milonga Entrance: $20.00

Discounts available with workshop registrations!

Felina Shoes will be on display and for sale throughout the day

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